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Patricio Tellez

Co-Fundador/Instructor Líder de ALGO+ México

Amazon/Experto en Comercio Electónico

Patricio Tellez ("Pato") is the co-founder of ALGO Mas (ALGO+) and manages the operations of ALGO+ in the USA and Canada. 

Pato got his start in e-commerce with retail arbitrage and then quickly built a business managing Amazon Selling accounts for small & medium-sized brands with his wife Lucila.


While building his Amazon brand management agency, Pato & Lu had many friends asking them to help them learn how to make money on Amazon. They started ALGO+ to help others find the financial freedom they had with Amazon and e-commerce.


Through ALGO+, Patrico Tellez has helped over 10,000 people start Amazon businesses from their homes across the world and he has built the largest community of Spanish-speaking Amazon Sellers in North America. 

Pato was born in New York while his parents were in NYC as part of Pato's father's work as a pilot for AeroMexico. Patricio grew up in Cancun Mexico and then moved to the USA after college - living in Las Vegas for a few years before settling in Ohio. Patricio and Lu have two beautiful daughters and a dog name laska. 

Pato trabaja junto a su hermano y socio comercial Santiago Téllez (cofundador de ALGO+ Mexico) y su hermana Sofía Téllez (con sede en España y vendedora y educadora de Amazon de alto nivel).

Patricio is also an advisor and investor in the Amazon Seller financing company AccrueMe and he is the co-founder of the e-commerce software tool Profit Hunter. 

Patricio Tellez - ALGO

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